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About us

Synex Synthetics is a leading chemical manufacturer, providing specialist synthesis solutions to the global life science and chemical industries. As an expert in synthetic organic chemistry and drug discovery, Synex offers a complete range of services committed to the development and production of organic molecules from milligram to multi-kilogram scale.

Synex provides a dedicated custom synthesis and contract R&D service with our own state-of-the-art laboratory in the Netherlands, as well as the facilities of selected partners for process chemistry and manufacture. This enables us to provide a truly integrated production service for all phases of product development.

We aim to support pharma and biotech companies with limited production capacity looking to accelerate their discovery process and expand their product portfolio. While specialising in smaller, low-budget projects, we also support more established projects by supplying high quality intermediates, building blocks and fine chemicals in commercial quantities.

As a small, independent custom research organisation, we deliver a professional and bespoke synthesis service at competitive prices. Our specialised set-up allows us to focus on a small number of projects at a time, ensuring that all our resources are dedicated to our current assignment, thus providing our customers with an unparalleled service.


Mission Statement

We believe chemistry is a form of art. That said, we understand that chemical development is neither a cheap nor an easy endeavour. We simplify the development process, providing access into the drug market for organisations without big budgets and endless resources. Using our chemical expertise and your input, we craft and create, transforming your ideas into molecules.

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