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Synex offers access to a comprehensive suite of analytical services to support global life science and chemical industries. This is supported by experienced, impartial professionals ready to provide solutions to your analytical problems.

With our extensive knowledge and a diverse selection of analytical techniques at our disposal, we can provide fast, independent, accurate analysis for structure identification, elucidation and purity screening in a cost-efficient way.

We are also able to perform complex separations and isolations on preparative scale using an advanced, automated flash chromatography system.


Quality Control

All our products undergo our rigorous QC procedure, used to validate the quality and purity of the synthesised materials before shipment. Customers are provided with a detailed analytical report and/or CoA prior to dispatch, ensuring that any problems with product quality are identified before leaving our facilities and, ultimately, that the customer is satisfied with the product.


We have access to the following analytical equipment and techniques:
  • Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 UHPLC
  • Thermo Scientific TSQ Access LC/MS/MS
  • Agilent Technologies 5975C Inert MSD GC/MS
  • NMR (various models from 300 to 600 MHz)
  • Bruker FTIR
  • Buchi Reveleris® X2 Preparative Flash Chromatography System

Please email us for pricing and details on how to submit samples.

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