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Contract Research

Synex offers FTE (Full Time Equivalent) Contract Research services for longer-term and more complex projects. These are conducted under the terms of a contract which represents the effort required by our chemists, who will be working full-time on the project.

Generally, the compounds being synthesised have not been described in any literature, which means that innovative synthetic routes to these compounds may need to be designed before the synthesis can be executed.

A significant element of the project will usually involve a comprehensive literature review and thorough route-scouting process followed by optimisation and scale-up. Our chemists are experienced at overcoming difficult synthetic challenges and are focused on achieving the goals set out under the terms of the proposal.

Due to its flexibility, the FTE approach can be particularly beneficial in integrated drug development, as it gives clients the ability to change goals and priorities on an immediate basis, as well as facilitating the rapid scale-up of high priority targets.

On completion of the project, clients are provided with a formal report detailing all synthetic procedures attempted, accompanied by analytical data for each intermediate and product. Should the synthesis be successful, the target molecule(s) will be provided along with a certificate of analysis.

Synex places the utmost value on client confidentiality and on the protection of intellectual property rights. Our policy guarantees that all research and development undertaken for the client is proprietary and confidential, and remains the sole property of the client.


Our FTE services are suitable for a number of applications, including:
  • Lead generation and optimisation
  • Hit-to-lead development
  • Focused library synthesis
  • Design and synthesis of new molecular entities

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