Custom Synthesis and Contract Synthesis from Synex Synthetics

Custom Synthesis

Synex has a team of experienced and highly motivated chemists with the necessary skills to perform complex, multi-step syntheses and solve challenging synthetic problems. We can support your chemical projects by developing robust synthetic strategies to deliver high quality organic molecules within strict deadlines on a FFS (Fee For Service) basis.

We combine the latest synthetic methodology with procedures available in the literature to optimise the development process and deliver results to our customers. Our service is tailored to each project. Clients are assigned a project manager as a direct point of contact, who provides bi-weekly updates and progress reports.

Synex has vast experience in the development of drug candidates. We understand that IP protection is critical in the development process and we enforce a strict confidentiality policy.

Process IP is an essential part of many patent applications. Unlike many CROs, Synex ensures that all intellectual property generated during synthesis, including any discoveries or developments, is granted to the client.

Outsourcing custom synthesis and chemical synthesis to Synex can expedite the discovery process and offers an efficient, cost-effective means of obtaining target molecules.


Our team offers specialist expertise in the following fields:
  • Preclinical drug candidates
  • Prodrug synthesis
  • Natural products (alkaloids)
  • Intermediates and building blocks
  • Parallel synthesis, including lead generation and optimisation
  • Asymmetric synthesis and chiral resolution
  • Heterocyclic chemistry
  • Analytical reference standards
  • Drug metabolites and process impurities
  • High potency APIs
  • Peptide synthetics and polypeptide synthesis
  • Downstream processing
  • Library synthesis
  • Photochemistry and microwave synthesis
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Low temperature reactions

We invite you to contact us with your synthesis requirements and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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